Why You Should Read This Unique Poetry Book

This is the book to read:

  • When you are feeling romantic
  • When you are blue and need cheering up
  • When you are reminiscing

Here’s a testimonial from one of our readers of Glenna Covino’s book Jewels of the Heart:

Jewels of the Heart describes one woman’s journey through life with moving poetry.  The book encompasses the people she has encountered, the children she had and life situations she went through. In sharing Glenna’s journey, you can identify with the deep emotions of the love of a child, the new-found love in a partner and unique characters you meet along life’s path.  Glenna has the ability to describe a person, place or thing on paper where it brings your own emotions alive through visualization. The book accomplishes a “relatability” to your own life. So take the journey with her, as I did, by reading “Jewels of the Heart.” — Alexandria Fulford (Oct 2014)

Sample From the Book, Jewels of the Heart

“The Old Cowboy Hat”Jewels of the Heart

There’s an old cowboy hat that hangs by the door.
The old cowboy hat isn’t worn anymore.
It’s tattered and the color’s not quite right,
for this hat used to be a beautiful white.
The cowboy was young then and wore a smile
and his favorite date would wait for her cowboy
to pick her up at eight.
He always wore this beautiful hat.
She just loved cowboys, she told him all that.
He fell in love and asked her to marry,
she told him yes, we cannot tarry.
They were together for forty years.
He always remembered, as he went out the door,
To put on the hat that she adored.
So now we know why the old cowboy hat,
still hangs by the door,
for her cowboy can’t reach for his hat anymore
to place on his head;
he was carried out by six men instead.

His sweetheart left the hat just where it’s hung,
says it will stay there till the last song is sung.
Now she‘s gone, too
and I’m sure the cowboy was told,
your hat hang’s by the door,
is always cold for no hand
to place it on a warm head,
no cows to be herded, no cows to be fed.

More Testimonials From My Readers:

Read your book; you did one hell of a job. I bawled my eyes. — Shari

Your book is beautiful, Filled with beautiful words — Carol

Reading or listening to your poetry is like eating the most delicious deserts. — Ann

What a Treasure your poetry is. — Joey

The words of your poetry form pictures frozen in time. — Laurie

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