I believe most homes have a room with a view.

A desk to sit at by a few.

If there is an artist sitting inside.

Will sit at the desk most of the time.

You never know just what you’ll see.

With an artist at the desk,

They see such beautiful things in their heads.

Have to put it on canvas before going to bed.

It might be graceful giraffes, puppies and kittens.

Children building a snowman wearing red mittens.

Always a story to be told with an artist at the desk;

Could be flowers and beautiful ladies.

Sun shining brightly or cloudy and shady.

Can be clowns with balloons, or birds of many colors.

Children smiling in a parade following one another.

An artist eye sees it all sitting at the desk,

A brush is raised, the hand is steady.

With plain canvas they are ready.

To transform before our eyes.

Scenes that will all surely surprise.

Oh look! I see a sailor suit on a little boy,

In his hand he holds a sail boat for a toy.

If in your house, you have an artist at the desk.

Count yourself so very, very, blessed,

For in an artist’s mind there is an ever changing scene;

They put it all on canvas for everyone to see.