Glenna writes from her heart with guidance from the spirits who love her and the person she is writing about. The result touches and moves you in a way that fills your need at that time. She increases your joy, assuages your sadness, shares your sorrow, always filling you with love.

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Jewels of The Heart is her widely applauded book of poems, each written about a specific person in her life. It is a collection of 146 poetic jewels. To learn more about this poetry book, click here.

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Glenna Covino has the gift of writing what you want to say, in a custom poem, just for you, a gift from you to the person you love.

I am thrilled to be the first to order a personalized poem from you. What you have written is perfect for my sister’s birthday, Thank you. — Barb L.

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Glenna’s experience as a mother of eight appears in her story Book for Children, which will be published early in 2015.

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